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Meet Debbie Smith

I've been creating stories and pictures for as long as I can remember. So, my siblings and children have grown up listening to my off-the-cuff creations.  I grew up with encouragement to use my talents. My parents even let me draw on my walls (well, on my closet doors), but they were as big as the walls in my room—plenty of space for a budding artist.


I am an Air Force brat, one of seven, so traveling around with my family meant we often had to leave friends behind. Still, the anticipation of a "new adventure," as my mother called it, made the transition to a new state or country much more exciting, and I believe it helped feed my imagination. 


I love the magic children's literature creates for the reader & listener through wonderfully woven words and illustrations. My fascination with picture books drew me to study art during my undergrad years as I pursued my love for teaching, reading, and Early Childhood Development.


Today I live, work, and play in the shadow of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah. My incredible husband and I have nine children and many, many sweet grandchildren. Coupled with the little people I teach, they are my inspiration to write, draw, and imagine.

   --Debbie Smith

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